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Dear Mrs. Brownsey this letter is in response to your Letter sent to me on February 11, 2016 sorry it took so long to respond but after all yours took six months.

Now that I have your report please take the time to read my response. I had been angry for so long I could not stand to talk about it my mother is a registered nurse and after she seem it she was horrified and advised me what to do. As you call it the experience happened between 09-24-15 - 10-7-2015. My husbands name is Michael Clarence Sanford he was a patient there around that time.

I believe he started in ICU a couple days and was finally moved to another room with another patient as well he spoke Spanish but out of respect I always spoke to him, when we grew up we were always taught to respect our elders no matter who they were. I was a proud wife of a wonderful husband. My husband was a diabetic and I was his caregiver when he got sicker I left a great career Blue Cross Blue Sheild to be near him and to take better care of him. I left there making 20.00 dollars a hour but my husband was more important to me than money.

My main concern was always for him so when he moved to a regular room after ICU I notified the doctors and the nurses if my husband does not get a snack at night sometimes his sugar levels fall low so please check his levels on time. This is reported in his doctors records I was not allowed to see his nurses notes (wonder why). Cause as you can see my concern that on the very first night his sugar levels dropped low and he went into insulin shock. You all played a part on the next night ( I thought to myself oh great now they know what I mean so they will definitely check his levels from here on oh boy was I in for a good one) when I say you all played a part on the second night was because you had the nurses reports but refused to give them to me (why, was there something to hide) maybe the fact that my husband called me and said Kim my IV is burning me but the nurse said give it time it should go away that's not the way my mother explained it to me.

You know what despises me the most intelligent people as yourself with degrees, the deans list etc, etc, etc, they prey on people in whom they think are black and ignorant well I might shock you with this statement but Iam I'm black ignorant (lacking knowledge or awareness in general uneducated or unsophisticated) I despise that because Iam uneducated And never even finished high school my last grade was ninth grade, however I'm not lacking in three things the first and foremost the most important one is I have a GOD who sits high and looks low and I love him and he loves me. 2. Common Sense (is a basic ability to perceive, understand and judge things that are shared by nearly all people and can reasonably be expected of nearly all people without need for debate). Thirdly Technology has been a great help throughout my life mainly for a uneducated person as myself so therefore I cannot even say your letter insulted my intelligence but you insulted the GOD, My GOD THE Jesus that lives within me it might take you a minute to get that one as you may be Catholic and we may have different beliefs.

I truly hope you are a woman of God cause when you lie you should repent, also Romans 12:19 states beloved never avenge yourselves but leave it to the wrath of God for it is written vengeance is mine I will repay says the Lord It also states You Reap What You Sow (Everything you do has repercussions. It comes back to you one way or another you cannot escape the consequences of your actions simply said the things you do lies, hurting others which is what happened to my husband comes back to you.. Now I’m not perfect only God is but when I found this out I took great pains to make sure I respected others and to love my neighbor as myself that’s bible too. Cause sooner or later you will see the long term effects of your actions.

How do you people sleep at night is money that important to you that you go to school for the highest paying jobs but could really care less about your patients. Though out the time that my husband was sick I have seen so many things that have been done in the hospitals that literally made me sick on my stomach and it became a prayer of mine I would cry and call on the Lord to bless the sick and send them nurses and doctors who really cared for them cause it hurts to see someone laying in there *** for hours (tears) while no one cared. And another reason is this when my time comes I would want someone who truly cared for my well being and to send me someone who really cared. I could never allow such a thing that happened to my husband and go home that night and sleep soundly as if it never happened unless you are narcissistic sad but there are many nurses and doctors whom walk this earth everyday like that.

What happened to him put such a fire in me that I began to hate hospitals, doctors, and nurses I mostly hated the fact that no one seemed to really care it was like another day to them like it happened everyday no one wanted to touch him cause they were afraid they would be involved when his doctor seem it he jumped back like he had never seem anything like it I had to plead with someone to bandage it up cause the more I looked at it the angrier I got. He was in so much pain, I had to pray and ask God please remove this hatred in my heart and until this day the hate is gone but I don't trust nurses and doctors. Well as I stated before I felt better the next day cause I knew he would get a snack and cause he fell low the night before I just knew this would not happen again when it could have been avoided with just a tiny ***, blood glucose monitoring should be ordered for all inpatients with diabetes or hyperglycemia and for those at risk for hyperglycemia. Point of care results need to be readily available to all staff to identify the patients response to treatment, hyperglycemia trends, and hypoglycemia episodes.

Patients receiving insulin must be monitored closely hourly in many cases. So how, how, could this happen again I asked myself over and over (I guess maybe it was a busy night or maybe nobody cared but guess what I did) the second night in a roll. Well I went home early that night usually we speak on the phone many times throughout the night but the last time I spoke to him he said his IV was burning him he said Kim I told the nurse and she said give it some time it will go away it was burning him because it was leaking into the surrounding tissues of his arm because of improper placement or dislodgement of the catheter. (wrong answer nurse) right answer ok let's change it.

But she did not change it she went on to her next patient on top of that she fell to also check his sugar levels and he fell low again (are you kidding me) to this point where he almost died and had seizures how long the vacamyocin continued to run in the surrounding tissues of his arm only the nurses will know but it ran till it damaged the nerves in his arm and burned the skin off of his arm it was horrible (how would you feel if that happened to one of your loved ones would it be okay Debra would you just say oh mistakes happen it's ok well let this go)he has low sugar and is in a coma and having seizures they now come in and push dextrose which is worse than vacamycin in this same catheter IV arm till they realize it's going into the surrounding tissues of his arm. Thank God someone realizes this and now takes it out after the damage has been done and sticks a Cather in his neck. Somebody knew what to do and brought my husband back but not until the damage had been done. Well since I had not received a call from my husband since that night Iam now worried so I rush to get to the hospital to see something so horrible a fire lit up in me and I wanted to tear that hospital floor apart.

As I began to walk in his room I hear the night shift laughing telling the morning shift we had a seizure patient last night not thinking they were talking about Michael but I thought to myself how can they be laughing about something like that you guys have changed my whole opinions about doctors and nurses. The Spanish guy looks at me like he had seen a ghost I finally reach my husband and I couldn't even cry I was on fire and it seemed just like a normal day to you guys like oh this happens all the time. To this day I still cry remembering that day the pain and the suffering we went through after we went home he could no longer hold a plate in that arm cause the nerves had been damaged he would forget and drop the whole plate on the floor I cried because he lost the nerves in that arm, I cried because you added to his sickness, I cried caused he suffered and I cried because I suffered. Your letter of apology if that's what you call it is not justice you did not provide the best of care for my husband you provided the worst of care for him you sent him home sicker than he was before he went in you caused serious injury to his arm permanent harm and tissue necrosis.

How about that Debra do you still think you provided great care to my husband. You were negligent in the care of my husband and the sad truth of it all is that you know you were your staff know they were and anybody that was involved were. Lying lips are an abomination to God but those who act faithfully are his delight.

Proverbs 12:22. I may have made some mistakes in my letter left some comas out or maybe a period out misspelled a word but once again I apologize I'm just black, uneducated, and ignorant.

Review about: Buffalo General Medical Center Medical Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Awful and life threatening, Poor communication, Not organized.

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No way on God's Green Earth am I going to read all of that.

But the quick scan I did highlights emotions and deep personal animosity and misery that I feel requires some sort of counseling for you.

To slam all doctors and nurses is grossly unfair.

Repeat : to slam all doctors and nurses is grossly unfair.

I'm sorry your husband has so much trouble ; perhaps his care could have been improved upon.

" I'm just black, uneducated, and ignorant. " You don't have to act like it.

to Heydrich #1380226

Well because you did not read all of it maybe you would have seen that I don't hate them but now I don't trust them. Are there good nurses and doctors if course but you cannot say that they all are cause if it was then why are they always getting arrested for abuse. I'm sorry you feel the way you do but maybe if it happened to a loved one of yours it would be different

to Heydrich #1380228

Oh sorry about the counseling are you kidding after what I went through after loving him for 32 years and caring for him with all of my heart, soul and mind yes I probably could use some counseling I would think anyone who has seen something like that done to there loved one would.

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